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Intimate Moments


There is no better investment than one you make in yourself, if you want to feel bold, sexy and empowered you have come to the right place
As the Boudoir French translation states, "A Women's Dressing Room" is where the fun starts and our journey begins. While capturing this unforgettable intimate experience, we will create cherished keepsakes for you and your special someone

What is Boudoir Photography and why book one?

Boudoir photography can be simply defined as an intimate styled shoot for brides who want to give their future husband/partner something risqué to remember before the big day! Generally the bride will wear bridal lingerie by bringing something they feel comfortable in. Bridal Boudoir photography is the most common reason people choose to do a risqué photography session but that is not the only reason why people choose to do one. There are more and more requests from women now who want to prove to themselves they can be sexy. This is a great way for women to celebrate her body; curves and all and to boost her confidence all while creating a lasting reminder of her beauty. Women like to do so with celebrating a milestone birthday, an anniversary, or just because they can. During a boudoir session, poses can be very sensual. The goal is for you to feel confident and sexy during your entire session. Women are loving the experience a boudoir session is leaving them feel. These photos can be cherished for years to come and are a great source of confidence and inspiration to yourself. Boudoir photography is all about celebrating your body and beauty.

Another reason women choose a boudoir session is to celebrate their scars, stretch marks and all the curves you were given. They want to accentuate their best features and capture them with a camera to cherish forever. Every woman has a different reason behind why they choose to do a boudoir photography session. This could be someone who went through cancer who wants to remember and show off her scars, to having babies (some of us women have scars from that too), or any other reason. A photograph speaks 1000 words.

Location of your Rustic Barn styled Boudoir photography session:

When you come in for your session you will notice it is not your typical photography studio. This is a rustic barn feel. First you will come up to a beautiful barn out in Loxahatchee, FL where you will see the grounds of this amazing place. The inside is just as amazing as the outside. Each barn stall has been converted into photo op potential. You will fall in love. My all time favorite spot is the bar. We are not subject to just the inside for taking photos. We can take our adventure outdoors as well, if you feel comfortable with that. Inside is where you will get pampered with hair and makeup all while chatting with me, the photographer along with the makeup artist and hair stylist, joke around to loosen up, listen to music and if you choose to bring some bubbly to help relax. I like to ask my clients to bring their own lingerie so they can feel comfortable in what they choose. Especially since all women are different shapes and sizes. I do however offer a very limited selection of lingerie. A session does not have to be in lingerie either; it can be with your man’s shirt, boy shorts, or nothing if you choose. The session is all about you. You will let me know how comfortable you are.

Once you walk inside the barn you will feel the rustic feel of your session. There is no natural light but not to worry, I bring light! The atmosphere is very relaxing but at the same time can be very dramatic. There are so many props to choose from or you can choose them all, we may need more time for shooting if you choose them all. We offer a bedroom, so you can get the bedroom style session which is upstairs. It is in a very tight but gorgeous space. We have a couple style couches with different scenery for each. We even have a barber styled stall as well. The stalls themselves on the outside are to die for and did I mention the bar? The bar is my all time favorite spot. I feel you can let loose and be as risqué as you want on the bar, yes I said it…on the BAR!

Let’s get this session booked!

So what are you waiting for? You can check out my portfolio or you can just book a session for yourself and see how a boudoir session can be so much fun and rewarding. Let’s put our busy and personal lives to the side and make you feel risqué. Head over to the questionnaire page or contact page to get your session started.

Revealing your beautiful images that you will fall in love with:

Once the session is over I will choose the photos that make the cut and do my magic. I will meet up with my client to discuss which photos they want made into large art work to display in their home. We will also go over what you would like in your album if you so choose to pick one of those packages. This is highly recommended as a gift for your future husband/partner.

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